Lake Rules

  • No more than 3 rods per person.
  • No braided main line, reel line to be a minimum of 15lb.
  • Safety rigs only (no fixed leads) and no leadcore or leaders of any kind. Rig tubing must always be used with a 400mm minimum .
  • Barbless, micro or crushed barb hooks to be used, (preferably barbless).
  • No shelf life baits to be used as free feed, OK as hook bait only; quality fresh bait available on-site
  • Only particle prepared by us or pre-packed jars/tins permitted.
  • No tiger nuts or nuts of any description to be used
  • Klinik or similar antiseptic to be used on all hook holds
  • Unhooking mats and weigh slings supplied by us to be used, they are provided free
  • No fires or BBQ's (except for the provided BBQ)
  • All litter to be removed from the lakeside, including cigarette butts, to the bins provided.
  • No rods to be left unattended. NO EXCEPTIONS
  • Fish are not to be sacked under any circumstances.
  • No vehicles at swims - use car park provided

Fish Welfare:

The following is for the safety and welfare of our fish stock, please follow these guidelines:

  • Be prepared to land a fish, have landing net, unhooking mat and weigh sling (wet) ready for use, along with a bucket of lake water, weighing scales and camera in easy reach.
  • Remove hook / rig from fishes mouth as soon as is practical and apply antiseptic.
  • Return fish safely to water (in sling) as quickly as possible.

When holding fish for photographs:

  • Always remove jewellery / wristwatches etc. before handling fish.
  • Support the fishes weight with both hands underneath the fish (we will advise if you’re unsure) and at all times keep fish above the unhooking mat.
  • Do not lean or rest the fish on its stomach.
  • Take care not to interfere with the gills or damage fins / scales.
  • Never stand when pictures are being taken or hold the fish high above the mat.
  • Do not over extend the fish towards the camera.
  • If fish struggles whilst raised, cradle it towards your body to prevent the fish falling, you may get messy but it will prevent fatal injury.
  • Always use the provided weigh sling to return the fish to the water.

La Petite Martiniere: General Rules:

  • Cabin, swims and general areas must be left in a clean and tidy condition (as they are provided to you).  Please advise us of any defects or breakages as soon as possible.
  • Cabin is strictly a no smoking area if you do smoke please use the receptacles provided for disposal of butts etc.
  • Please do not arrive before 2p.m. and we request that you are away from the lakeside by 10a.m. on day of departure.
  • No cutting or damage to the banks or vegetation, if you have a problem discuss it with us and we’ll resolve the problem.
  • Please remember that whilst this is your holiday the premises are our home and we will ask you to adopt a sensible dress code and will expect you to treat La Petite Martiniere with respect and care.

Please Note: Clients are NOT covered by the lake owners' insurance, and are STRONGLY advised to obtain comprehensive travel and personal liability insurance for their stay in France, don’t forget your EHIC. (E28 European Medical card) available with guidance at without it you will have to pay for any hospital, medical treatment or ambulances should you need them.

If you neglect to abide by these rules we reserve the right to ask you to leave the premises and you will not be eligible for any monetary refund!

By completing the booking form you and other members of your party accept and agree to abide by the above terms and conditions.


We aim to run a fishery that attracts visitors who enjoy the environment and appreciate the peace, quiet and tranquillity found here. Therefore, excessive drinking, noisy and rowdy behaviour will not be tolerated.




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